Thursday, August 30, 2007

California Dream'n

Jax, Matt and I just got back from California to visit Aunt Rach in LA and Katie and Ty in Newport Beach. Matt and I took off from Phoenix late Friday afternoon. Of course - those of you who know him - Jax was a perfect angel the entire 6 hour drive. Saturday morning we coveted our best friends Katie and Ty for living minutes from the beach, in one of the most beautiful oceanside cities, Corona Del Mar. We sat in their living room and envied their hurricane vases filled with freshly gathered seashells, wetsuits, beach towels and surfboards strewn over the back patio and the eculyptus trees. Ohhhhh the eculyptus trees. Well needless to say, Matt felt bad that I didn't show the same kind of enthusiasm for Phoenix upon first arrival. I do love Southern California. Next stop LA. We traveled up the coast, well actually the 405 to LA. Matt left on Sunday and we spent the rest of the week chillin' (is that still a hip word?) with the ladies. Rachel's friend Heather and her 1-year-old Berkleigh were also visiting from SLC. We had such a fun time lunching in West Hollywood, sunning in the eclectic Venice Beach, shopping at the Grove and we met up with my two pregnant best friends from Chicago, Wendy and Reagan for a night out in Beverly Hills.

Did we see any stars you ask? Of course! I have included the photos of all 3.

First, I made a fool out of myself trying to spark up a conversation with "Kube." Does anybody recognize that name? Well if not, than you did not get hooked on my favorite Santo Domingo High School student of the 1990's hit TV show Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Okay so it only ran for 13 episodes - but I did still faithfully watch all 13. He is also known as "Jerry" on ER.

Next, we dinned at The Farm in Beverly Hills next to the cute and stylish Rachel McAdams. And I guess I am partial to our Rachel - next to one another our's is cuter.
Last but not least, (okay so probably least) we saw the ex-beau of Halle Berry. You know the cute guy with dreads.
He was shopping at Forever 21, so I don't think he is doing to good financially without the help of Halle..but hey I was shopping there too.

I would have to say the highlight of my trip was excusing myself from the fabulous Beverly Hills cafe, The Farm, to escape to a dark door stoop and sing my baby to sleep. I reflected on where I was in my life back in 2000 when I moved to LA and looked at my life today and I felt so incredibly blessed - It is exactly what I always wanted.

The Nugent Family Blog Gets a Face Lift

Wow! So obviously I am a horrible blogger. I first could not figure out how to log in. Three weeks later I've decided to update the whole look. I tried to create a custom header and that has now taken me all night - I am not a graphic designer. I guess that will have to come later. So before I stay up through another night feeding I thought I would decide on a generic template.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

Several of you commented on how much Matt and Jax look alike. I couldn't help but share this photo of Matt at about 6 months...we can rule out the mailman.