Sunday, January 20, 2008

Almost There...

It has been a difficult few months keeping a crawling, curious kid away from gaping holes, chunks of drywall, piles of demo and exposed tack strip. Last Friday, the challenges of acting as the general contractor and the headaches that come with that title paid off. The bulk of the remodel came together. Matt and I stayed up painting all hours of the night in preparation for this week. Carpet was installed on Monday, cabinets hung Tuesday and Wednesday, appliances and counter tops installed on Friday and last the sink was hooked up on Saturday. HURRAY for a working kitchen!! Oh the blessings of a dishwasher and sink. I love the conveniences of modern day living. I keep staring at our house asking myself "Is this really mine?" It feels so grown up.

Today we went to church, watched Sunday football, ate Sunday dinner in our new kitchen. And for the first time in months had a "typical" Sunday in our new beautiful, livable home. Life is good.

Oh How I've Missed You Blog World...

Hi Friends!! Many of you have asked where I've been the last few months. Since December 12th we have been BUSY remodeling our new house. I have several pictures for you to enjoy!! The first set were taken during the remodel (over the last few weeks).

Jax enjoying is new play spots in the kitchen cabinets.

Our kitchen (the bathroom)

Our kitchen half way done.