Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jax's 4-year-old carnival birthday bash

This year my friend Heidi and I decided to combine forces for Jax and his bestie Marley's 4-yr-old birthday celebrations. I'd remembered my favorite party for my 9th or 10th birthday. My sisters had planned it and used the trampoline and other booths and prizes to create the best backyard carnival ever! It was my most memorable birthday. Jax at 4 may not remember this one, but I will! Who are we kidding at this age they're for us more than them anyway :) It was a lot of fun.

Friends + Carnival Food + Prizes + Bouncy Castle + Face Painting + Games = Good Times

(did I mention the weather was awesome)

all tuckered out after at the end of a busy b-day

go to my friend Heidi's blog for more cute pictures and a break down of activities in case you'd like to throw a similar party: Heidi's Blog

flown (flōn): {filled too full}

The last couple of months of my life has flown by
Matt has been traveling for interviews for fellowship 30 out of the last 60 days. I've had two clients under contract, one client remodel and three additional closings since Lucy's birth. Lucy is out of the newborn-sleepy-stage and a little trickier to take to work with Mommy. Jax has emerged into an inquisitive and attention demanding 4-yr-old. I keep thinking to myself how am I going to do this? I have felt several moments of regret for life going to fast and too full that I am not able to soak it up and really enjoy it. I am always in a hurry, running late, tired, up late working and just trying to juggle it all.

What do I do to get a piece of my sanity back? How do I less busy my life? I've decided to care less about getting my pre-baby body back and just give myself a little time. How do you moms with 3 and 4 kids do it? I am having a hard time wrapping my arms around two. Any advice here would be welcomed.