Thursday, June 4, 2009

Housework Sucks!

Trying to do housework while your kids are little 
is like trying to shovel the walk while it's still snowing. (Erma Bombeck) 

I'm not sure who Erma Bombeck is (or if anyone reads my blog anymore anyway :)) but I love all of her quotes. I think her and I would be friends - a little sarcastic a little witty and pretty honest. 

Our house has been on the market for now almost 2 months. And I'm telling you it is a full time job just keeping it clean. I feel like I am constantly picking up, putting away, vacuuming, mopping, all the stuff most of you probably keep up on anyway... not me. I have no shame in a messy house. Unfortunately a "professional home stager" and "messy" shouldn't be used in the same sentence, especially when I'm hoping most of these Realtors see my magic firsthand and want to hire me for their empty, unsellable houses. 

So I have a 2 hour routine I go through every time I have a showing (right now roughly 3-5 times a week). This doesn't even include having all the laundry folded or put away - I've eliminated this expectation for sanity reasons.

The benefit is walking in the door to the clean smell of Clorox clean-up, no dishes in the sink, toys put away, beds made, etc. That part does feel pretty nice!