Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jax's Bad Habit

So I'm laughing hysterically and have to write this down before I forget. Jax has a horrible habit of going poop in the bathtub. We have been working on making sure he goes poop before he gets in the bath to prevent these mishaps.

Jax is in the tub. From the other room I hear the toilet flush.

Matt yells to Jax: "Did you just go poop in the potty."
Jax: "No Daddy. It's okay, it's okay."
Matt: "What's okay did you poop in the toilet or the bathtub"
Jax: "It's okay Daddy I pooped in my hand and flushed it in the toilet"


Little Buddies

I love siblings. I love my siblings and I love Matt's siblings. These two are cute little buddies.

with aunt Rach

Jax is figuring out the differences between girls and boys a few of his cute little comments:

Jax: "Mommy boys are dudes..." "girls are Shes"

Jax: (while changing Lucy's diaper) "Where is her penis is it hiding?"

Jax: "Mommy both you and Lucy have butts like Daddy and I, but you don't have penis'.

Holiday Happenings

zoo lights

decorating Christmas tree


Making Christmas cookies

Jax and Lucy Christmas morning

Okay so it is evident I'm either non-exsistant during the holiday festivities or I spend a lot of time nursing and behind the camera:)

Lucy's Blessing

Lucy's blessing was up in Utah at Matt's parents ward. Matt gave a beautiful blessing and confirmed all of the wonderful qualities we knew she possessed. Her sweet spirit has been a blessing in our family and she brings a lot of peace and joy. Love you Lucy!

Happy Everything!

Happy Everything!
In an effort to get everything else accomplished during the holidays I neglected to send out Christmas greetings. We love all of our friends and family and are grateful for all of the love and support each and every one of you give us. Happy Holidays,
Love the Nugents