Thursday, September 23, 2010

summer from hell

The title sums up this summer a bit.

Long story short enduring pregnancy in Phoenix's heat is in itself a feat. In addition, we were thrown quiet a few curve balls over the last couple first flip turned out a flop, Matt's car died (due to an accident) and we moved mid-summer in 113 degree weather (rented out our lovely home and downsized about 1000 sq feet).

(this little face can get you through anything)

After many tears, we are finally adjusting and realizing just how resilient we can be. Around the corner is cooler weather and these wonderful things to look forward to:
  1. Jax's preschool
  2. finishing the nursery
  3. baby Lucy's arrival next month
  4. past the half-way point for residency
  5. finding out where we are moving next for fellowship