Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow...long time no post

Pumpkin painting/carving

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Utah Summer

Jax and I have spent the last month in Utah enjoying family and friends. He spent hours and hours playing with "the boys." We had a blast.

Grandma and all but 2 (Jax and Marty) of her Grandkids

All the Adair girls and mom 

My cute mom

Dad + Jax on the Alpine Slide @ Snowbird

Katie's (Mike's girlfriend) baby shower

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Housework Sucks!

Trying to do housework while your kids are little 
is like trying to shovel the walk while it's still snowing. (Erma Bombeck) 

I'm not sure who Erma Bombeck is (or if anyone reads my blog anymore anyway :)) but I love all of her quotes. I think her and I would be friends - a little sarcastic a little witty and pretty honest. 

Our house has been on the market for now almost 2 months. And I'm telling you it is a full time job just keeping it clean. I feel like I am constantly picking up, putting away, vacuuming, mopping, all the stuff most of you probably keep up on anyway... not me. I have no shame in a messy house. Unfortunately a "professional home stager" and "messy" shouldn't be used in the same sentence, especially when I'm hoping most of these Realtors see my magic firsthand and want to hire me for their empty, unsellable houses. 

So I have a 2 hour routine I go through every time I have a showing (right now roughly 3-5 times a week). This doesn't even include having all the laundry folded or put away - I've eliminated this expectation for sanity reasons.

The benefit is walking in the door to the clean smell of Clorox clean-up, no dishes in the sink, toys put away, beds made, etc. That part does feel pretty nice!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mommy

Okay really is that my Mom? Yes. She is adorable. I am so thankful for her and all that she has taught and instilled in me. 

She is the most energetic and positive person I know. She accepts and loves all types of people and embraces all different cultures. Whenever she would drive my friends and I around in Jr high and high school all of my friends were just as excited to be with her as they were with me. She was so much fun and has always been the life of the party.

She has had rich life experiences traveling and living all around the world, learning new languages, meeting interesting people - but with all of this I also know she'd drop any part of her fabulous life if any of her 6 children needed her. She travels all over the country to babysit and spend time with her 15 (soon to be 16) grand kids. All of the grand kids are very impressed with all Grandma's life experiences and think she is about the hippest, happiest grandma around. She also has instilled in her grandchildren as well as her children her love of nutrition, exercise and overall health.
The house in the background is her current "project." She tore down an old 60's ranch style home in Sugarhouse and has been building this gorgeous mansion. She was the designer, general contractor, realtor, etc. She has been intimately involved in every single detail. She is very talented!! 

We are so proud to have you as our mom! Love you! Happy Mothers Day!!! 

Monday, March 2, 2009

I love this picture. I can't believe he is already 2!

Loves to ride his bike

One of the nice thing about living in Phoenix is riding bikes almost all year long. Jax loves riding his bike. I was very particular when looking for a bike for him for Christmas - it had to have a way for me to steer him without having to bend over. We can now ride all over the neighborhood. He loves it!

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Jax loves the train park. One of his favorite words is "choo choo." He uses it for buses, motor homes, semi-trucks, fire trucks. Every moving vehicle is either a "car" or "choo choo."  This train park is located on 30 acres of land and has an awesome playground and a "choo choo" that rides around the whole park

this little boy is afraid of nothing

loves his Daddy

the picture is not great, but at least he is smiling

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ski Trip

At one point in my life I was quiet the snowboarder. For years I was one of the few girls that would head up to the slopes every weekend with a group of friends. I was a daredevil. I wasn't ever great, but I tried to go off jumps, tree trails and into unchartered territory. 

All that has changed after several years without any time on the mountain. I am now a total wuss!! I could barely get off the ski lift. I refused to go on anything but green circles for most of the morning. By the end of the day my body felt the beating. Despite the toll, Matt and I had so much fun with my my sister Angela, her husband Dan, their awesome kids and my Mom. 

I have to admit my Mom could Now out ski me anyday.