Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I love this age

I wanted to write down a few of my favorite things about this toddler age. Jax is so much fun now! He understands a lot and interacts with me more than ever before. It is fun having a little budy to enjoy my days with. Ever since his friend Will was in town he started to become much more verbal. His favorite words are:
  • "DADDDY" over-emphasizing the "DDD"
  • Cars - every car in the parking lot, not missing one "cars, cars, cars, cars," he wants to make sure I see every one.
  • Doggy and "woof, woof" He loves dogs. He holds out his hand to let the dog smell him and lick him and then barely touches their fur before getting a little scared.
  • Juice. Matt got him hooked on orange juice and he loves it.
  • HOT. Everything that he hasn't tasted he asks "hot?" I guess he is cautious. 
  • Baby. He loves babies and loves to point out every one.
  • Shoe. He loves to get his shoes on and get ready to go.
  • Choo, choo. loves trains
He is very independent. Despite the tantrums and the opinions about everything I love this age! I love how much personality he has. I love that he is a little more manageable than at 18-months and I love that he is growing up to be a wonderful little boy.

Our home - before and after

A year ago at this time we were negotiating offers on a lovely old home in the North Central neighborhood of Phoenix. A year later, we are here enjoying the approaching holidays in our warm, beautiful home. This is our first Thanksgiving/Christmas where we aren't headed to Salt Lake or hosting people here. I have to admit I miss the chaos and excitement of entertaining.

The extremely talented photographer who took the "after" picks for my website is Maggie Holmes.

kitchen/dining before
dining after
kitchen before

kitchen after

living room before
living room after

bedroom before
bedroom after

Jax's room before
Jax's room after

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

I thought we pulled off the dub-T pretty well. 

Jax did not want to wear his dog costume so we changed his into a mini-dub-T rocker child. He loved it. He was the life of the block party. He loved the twin girls sitting by the candy bowl. He was flirting with both of them all night. Can you say ladies man!

Walmart Parking Lot

This was a bumper sticker on a car in the Walmart parking lot. I wish the "Right to VOTE," could be taken away from certain ignorant people.