Saturday, December 1, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

Okay, so I was tagged by my sister Michelle a few weeks ago. With hosting Thanksgiving and traveling out of the way I'm finally ready to reveal 5 Little Known Things About Myself.

1) I'm addicted to HGTV. I love watching home renovation and design shows. I have to laugh at how much time I spend watching others remodel, renovate, design... do, do, do as I sit, sit, sit and watch the shows. Hopefully, the inspiration will come out in our remodel.

2) I love themes for everything. This obsession carries over to the kitchen. I love to cook. If I'm making something Italian or Thai or of that nature and Matt puts out chips and salsa, I promptly put the chips and salsa away. I can not mix "snacks" that don't fit with the dinner theme. I would rather spend extra time making a "Asian influenced salad" to go with an Asian cuisine than making a regular salad.

3) I hate carnations. I had them so much; for no other reason than they're ugly. I don't like the food coloring dye they add to them --they look fake. When Matt gets me flowers (rarely and usually because he's in trouble) I have to inspect the bouquet for carnations. One of our first Valentines, I took the bouquet and threw half the flowers in the trash immediately. I didn't realize how rude that looked until it all set in (in my defense, he had known I hated carnations).

4) I hate hard rock, but lately crave it when I exercise. This afternoon I couldn't wait to drop of Jax in the daycare and get to the treadmill and my IPOD. I was so excited to get pumped up to Matt's Tool Mix. I feel really energetic listening to it when I am running. However, the same songs disgust me if he tries to play them in the car.

5) I love all things spicy. I add jalapenos and hot sauce to everything.