Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dwell Home Staging

I passed the state and national salesperson real estate exam. Whoo! This means, I'm on schedule to launch Dwell Home Staging by the end of the month. 

Below are elements of Dwell's identity system. I had the opportunity to work with Susan Fireside an extremely talented designer and friend of mine whom I met through working at HBG, the branding agency in Chicago.

Below is the website's  homepage design. I've been working with another talented designer Drew Taylor. Check out just the design at

The website is not live, but I wanted to pass it on to all of you for feedback. PLEASE provide me with any thoughts, opinions or ideas. The more input the better. 

Also, if you have any ideas for the official launch, that would be helpful too!

Halloween Themes

I love the holidays, but something doesn't seem right pulling out the fall/Halloween decorations when it is still 100 degrees outside.

We're having a block party for Halloween this year. For years, I've anticipated the time when our family can dress up as a "theme." I've been envious of my sisters' ability to sew creative costumes for their children and then get their husbands and children to dress according to the "theme." Well, I finally found a theme that would work with my, often reluctant husband and my child who's new favorite words are "woof, woof."

Here's what we're thinking... 

Jax can be a little dog.

Matt can be Duane "The Big Dog Bounty Hunter" Chapman 

and I will be his white trash wife Beth with an almost matching mullet

Bring on the dub-T!!