Friday, July 6, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Valley of the Sun

Hi Friends and Family,

Welcome to our family blog. While Matt is staying busy playing Dr. Jax and I are looking for new hobbies - I thought we could give blogging a try.

We have officially arrived to the valley of the sun. Since our arrival the tempatures have soared well past the hundreds. A big Thank you to global warming for a hot 115* 4th of July.

Did you know a total of twenty thousand people died in the U.S. between 1936 and 1975 because of the effects of heat and solar radiation. Just a little tid bit. I guess a little morbid. I wish I could add the sound bit that plays after those commercials "The More You Know."

A few observations I have made about Arizonans ( I think that is what they/we are called):

1. Big Trucks. The bigger the better. Most of them are driven by women who way less than 100 lbs.

2. Everyone is thin. I don't know if it is the heat or the lack of hobbies such as eating. I guess coming from Chicago with 6 months of winter we can pack on the pounds and nobody notices.

3. Everyone is tan. I see several elderly women who look like the older woman on Something About Mary. It reminds me to keep wearing sunscreen!

4. Horrible drivers. I guess no matter where we go in the country we can't escape this. A lady tailed me and then flipped me off today for going 5 over the speed limit on a residential street.

5. Everything is brand new. Historic buildings are considered anything built before 1980.

6. Everyone is from the Midwest. Matt & I thought we were sounding exciting when we would tell people we just moved from Chicago. Unfortunately, everyone else is from Chicago too.

That's all for now. On a positive note, everyone has welcomed us with open arms - we have already met wonderful been warm and inviting people.

We have enjoyed being here, despite the heat - we'll be counting our blessings come January.

We love you all. Come back for more updates on the Nugent Family. Next we'll talk about some of Matt's interesting OR stories.