Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jax's 4-year-old carnival birthday bash

This year my friend Heidi and I decided to combine forces for Jax and his bestie Marley's 4-yr-old birthday celebrations. I'd remembered my favorite party for my 9th or 10th birthday. My sisters had planned it and used the trampoline and other booths and prizes to create the best backyard carnival ever! It was my most memorable birthday. Jax at 4 may not remember this one, but I will! Who are we kidding at this age they're for us more than them anyway :) It was a lot of fun.

Friends + Carnival Food + Prizes + Bouncy Castle + Face Painting + Games = Good Times

(did I mention the weather was awesome)

all tuckered out after at the end of a busy b-day

go to my friend Heidi's blog for more cute pictures and a break down of activities in case you'd like to throw a similar party: Heidi's Blog


Angela said...

Oh wow! What fun! I just checked out your friend's blog to see more photos! You guys are the best moms and dads! Nicholas wants to have an at-home birthday next time -- think I can convince a 6-year-old to hold off on a party 6 months until the summer?

Ambur said...

So fun!!! I did one of those birthday parties a couple years ago and it was so Fun!!! Hope all is well!!